CHANEL nail polish color question

  1. What is the best hot pink color to get? Thanks
  2. you should try MAC nail polishes for a hot pink color. otherwise, browse on they have a range of Chanel makeup
  3. For me, it would be Chanel - Organdy..... :tup:
  4. Chanel Organdy is pretty much the only pink that is close to hot pink. I suggest MAC for hot pink. :yes:
  5. i don't know if chanel makes a hot pink. try opi's strawberry margarita for a great hot pink color. can be bought for $4.50 at & or on eBay.
  6. Chanel's Organdy is a nice hot pink but I'd go for OPI probably...they have the psychedelic collection that has a hot pink...and pretty much any summer collection will contain a hot pink that has some random name.
  7. I have Organdy...and's bright....looks more like bubblegum pink.:yes: Like the gumballs you'd see in a gumball machine. Here's a pic.


    HTH! ;)
  8. Organdy all the way but good alternatives are Boa & Splendeur!
  9. Ohhhhh.....I love that, exactly what I was looking for..thanks
  10. YAY!!:tup: YW!! :welcome: Glad the pic helped!!:yes:
  11. I love this and I normally only like dark or very light sheer colors! This would be fun for summer! I'm headed over to Macy's to p/u Azur at lunch, I'll have to check out this color too!