Chanel N5

  1. Does anyone here use it? Thoughts?

    I love the smell of it!!
  2. I wear it a lot in winter, I don't really know why. I wear Cristalle the rest of the time.
  3. My mom wears it... it smells kind of old lady-ish to me.
  4. ^Totally agree! i just don't know what the hype is about. It's just not 'me'.
  5. I like the smell of CoCo and Allure better.
  6. I own because it is Chanel #5 after all ... but honestly, does not mesh with my skin chemistry ... COCO and Cuir De Russie (more amber based I think) are much better on me ...
  7. My girlfriend works at Chanel and told me today that Chanel just revamped the formula for No. 5. She says it has less ylang ylang in it than it did before, giving it a more updated and younger, lighter scent. She was given a beautiful 2 oz. bottle...just the bottle alone made me want it! You should try it, the motto is "everything old is new again"
  8. I had it but I prefer my Vera Wang!
  9. I have chanel #5 but I like chanel #22 better love it!
  10. I sometimes use the eau de toilette, which has got a much lighter scent.

    But currently I'm using Essence de Femme by Hugo Boss.