Chanel must have pumps

  1. Im looking for the black closed platform pumps with the white toe caps that have an interlocking cc on them...theyre gorgeoussssssssssssss...I dont have a pic hope someone knows what Im on about...
    merciiiii xx
  2. anyone?
  3. anyoneeeeeee?
  4. I've been looking for those shoes too. I think they sold out only available on eBay.
  5. they seem to be from a new collection...Im really sorry dont have pics...can anyone helpppppppppppppppppppp???
  6. i saw new versions of this pump at the boutique in might want to give them a call. i don't know if your color combo is still available though.
  7. Hi try Nm down town dallas ask for Ivan he is so sweet and I know he had them there good luck :smile:
  8. thank you sweetheart but can you post a pic please just to make sure of what im talking desperate
  9. That shoe was at BH in a slingback version.
  10. I've seen them in other colors in the store, mostly the brown-black and red-black combinations. I think the black with white cap toesmay be sold out.
    Where can I find them? what are they? style number? thank you!
  12. These were available in the summer/early Fall. You may be able to still find another colour at one of the stores but the black/white is sold out. Maybe look on eBay.
  13. um, I can see why your username is Chanel obsessed! what is ur location? I ask because I think I can remember seeing them here in the UK