Chanel Multipocket

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  1. I saw a white Chanel Multipocket on a music video and fell in love with it. (I'm sorry, i can't find a picture) I called the Chanel in VA and they have one left. It's $3175. Does anyone have a multipocket? Any pics? Is it worth the money?

    Please help!:P
  2. If you're talking about the Chanel Cambon multi pocket reporter bag, I have one in black with the white logo, which I got in '04 for slightly less than $3,000 and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Sorry I can't post any pictures (my digi cam is busted :sad:).
    You have to know though, that it is slightly heavy so if you're like me and like to carry around a lot of junk you may find it a bit uncomfortable on your shoulder if you're walking around all day.
    It is slightly pricey for a lamb-skin leather bag, but I think you will definately love it. I bought the black one because I figured it'd be easier to match with outfits, but I saw the white one as well and it is gorgeous! Good luck on your decision.
  3. I found that bag too bulky for me-Its huge...I bought the Ligne Cambon Flap tote instead at Saks.Love it...My best bag.
  4. Do the reporter bags still come in pink? Or was that limited edition?
  5. I don't think pink was limited. My local Sak's always has plenty of the Cambon line on the shelves and there are always pink bags.
  6. i tried it this week and it was too bulky for me too. the boeling bag was cute.
  7. the regular one is too big for me..i much prefer the mini one...
  8. Jill, is that called the Chanel Kelly?
  9. I honestly dont know!Mine was around 1675.00 I think and its really my fav bag and I have alot of bags.The tag from Saks calls it a large tote...the Chanel SA called it the Flap bag....Anyone? I have a pic in my bag showcase if you wanna look at it.
  10. Oh I already had a picture of it saved:amuse:. I just wanted to know the name.
  11. Was this the Keisha Cole video - Love?
  12. what is the true color of the lining supposed to be on a white reporter with black CCs?
  13. A bright fuchsia pink. Same with the wallets.
  14. I have the white multipocket and I like it a lot but I dont LOVE it. Its a great bag for carrying loads of junk though..and its calfskin.
  15. I have a beige mini reporter with patent CC which I like the color, but not in love with it.

    The bag is kind of bulky when I try to wear it over shoulder and hard to tuck under my shoulder. It always slips down to my arm.
    But it is calf skin and more durable than lamb skin.