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  1. I have a pair of Chanel pink/black cap toe kitten mules that I inherited (my mom passed and left a TON of designer goods that she hardly ever wore, if ever!!!). Here is the thing- she was a size 6, and I am a 7 typically. Well, I was about to put these cute shoes into the "for sale" pile, and decided to try them on just for kicks. Well, low and behold, THEY FIT! Well, at least I think they do.... and I love them!!!:heart:

    Is it horrible if my heal goes right up to the edge?? It does not hang over- but its right up there. When I wear them with jeans/pants, you cannot see the back of the shoe.

    What do you ladies think? Can I get away with it???

    Thanks for all of your opinions!!!:flowers:
  2. Dam right you can get away with it ! They must be beautiful, yes wear them with pants or jeans, that way your secret is safe.:heart:
  3. Thanks so much Pradasmeadow!!! I really don't want to part with them, but was afraid I was cutting it too close!!!
  4. I can only imagine the sentimental value these shoes must have. Your Mother obviously had a lot of class, so wear them and be proud. Thank God you tried them on. :love:
  5. Tell me about it:shame: I was so close to getting rid of them!!! There is just a lot of stuff to go through but these were just smiling at me!!! These, and some other goodies:graucho:
  6. Soz to hear about your mom Jag ((hug)) :sad:
    IMO, of course you can get away with it - as long as your heels aren't dragging on the floor, then they should be just fine!:yes:
    They sound lovely, i'd love to see a pic if you've got one?:flowers:
    It sounds as though you've inherited quite a few lovely things from your mom, i'm sure they'll keep you busy for some time!;)
  7. of course you can get away with it! they sound sooo pretty everyone will be too dazzled by their beauty to notice anything else!

    Actually, I always go a size or so smaller in 'open' shoes to my regular size.

    Now, I think, to be on the safe side, you had better try everything on! just incase something else wonderful fits you :biggrin:
  8. :yahoo:
  9. no i dont think it looks funny i wouldnt want to sell anythink of chanel but thas because im bad about chanel and only wear chanel
  10. you can definitely wear them! lets see pics:woohoo:
  11. What a cool find, and to have them from your mom! Yes, if your heel goes right to the edge I think it looks better then if there's too much space. I prefer my shoes that way.
    Have any pics to share? Would love to see them!
  12. Def you can wear them, in time they should give a little too and your foot should 'slide' in a little further.
  13. ahhh, I think after 4 yrs she's made a decision :amuse:
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