Chanel motorcycle boots, '05: anyone have them?

  1. I am crazy for motorcycle style boots, and I have been seeing a version by Chanel on Ebay lately, apparently from '05 (not sure which season).
    Does anyone own these, and if so, how do you like them?
    How is the sizing on Chanel? It seems like they might run a bit on the small side.

    Any other recommendations?
  2. I have pre-ordered a Tods pr. from Neiman Marcus -- they come in a black and tan I think them! Check 'em out:

  3. i was just wondering, are these real motorbike boots or is that just the name of those boots?

    by the way shoes319, i like the look of those Tods, do you know if they're true to size or a smaller/bigger fit? :smile:
  4. It's just the name of the style of the boot- there are different categories this season like equestrian; motorcycle; western.
  5. Ooh, I like those a lot!!! NM Last Call had some Chanel boots similar. . . .not just like that though.
  6. I have found Tods to run l/2 size big....others don't though - I ordered down l/2 size...
  7. oh ok, thanks Bagpuss
  8. My husband gave me the Chanel ones for Christmas (Christmas before last, I believe) but they ran WAY small, the 38 was too small for me and I am a 37.5/38. I think we're talking about the same ones, these were motorcycle style with signature Chanel quiliting.
  9. Do anyone know if it is still possible to buy the chanel motorcycle boots?
  10. I think it depends on the toe. If it is rounded buy your true size, if its pointed go half a size up. All my Chanel shoes are 39 which is my regular size