Chanel Mother of Pearl sunglasses reference?

  1. I keep doing searches and I feel bad asking because I know these are so popular. I've definitely found them in the forums but not ON the face...

    I will be needing to buy these online and I'm just curious how they look on the face. I want to make sure they're not too small for what I'm looking for. The square lenses are similar to my Gucci horsebit, but the Chanel ones either have smaller frames or the plastic frames are just thicker making the lenses smaller. And I love those Gucci ones, I figure with reference of someone wearing them I can determine if they're what I'm looking for.

    So could anyone post pictures of them being worn, those Chanel Mother of Pearl sunglasses?

  2. which ones? There's actually a few different shapes available, mine are rounder than a lot of the members here.
    Here'e mine -not on me - w/ the style #:
    DSCF1860.JPG IMG_2080.jpg
  3. I think you are talking about 5076b. I have them but this year they are model 6022q (the difference it the CC on the sides....5076b is MOP and 6022q is exotic leather). in all other respects they are identical. These are BIG glasses. Definitely not for a small face. I recommend medium or larger facial structure for them.
  4. ohhh, I didn't realize there were other styles with the MoP. I'm looking for the squared ones though, I think the ones you posted in the first picture look more rounded.
    I'm looking for these ones:

    Although I'm actually interested in them in black CC's. They are that 6022q model # actually now that I look at that closed auction.

  5. I had the larger tortoise shell, brown lens version of the Chanel 5076 sunnies, which I'm guessing is what you are talking about. They just didn't sit on my face to my liking, so I sold them. I have a pair of Bvlgari sunnies that are my favorite and they are nearly identical to the Chanels in size and shape, meaning they are BIG SUNNIES! Not as big as the Tom Ford Lisa or Dior Glossie sunnies though.

    I'm sure there's a pic of someone wearing the Chanels on this forum. It may take a while, but try searching if you don't get a reply.
  6. Not sure if this helps, but here's a pic of the two sunnies I mentioned.
  7. ADORE:
    the ones you pictured with the mother of pearl are definitely 5076b. I have them. I also have 6022q , which is the same exact frame, but the CC's have exotic leather. They are great glasses. Very flattering shape, and not small.
  8. Yes the 6022q are the ones I'm wanting to get. In the pics posted above that are the Chanel ones and the Bvlgari ones make me wonder if the Chanel ones will be too wide for my face. The Bvlgari ones look more like the Gucci horsebit ones I already have which fit nice and are not as wide as the Chanel from what I see there... still not sure what I'm going to do.
    But wow, I really like those Bvlgari ones!
  9. Here you go, Adore. I had DH snap a quickie of my Bvlgari sunnies, goofy face and all! These are exactly the same size as the 5076 Chanels. Hope this helps! While I know it's sacrilege to mention this on the Chanel board, if you really like this style, you can actually get these Bvlgaris at Lenscrafters located at higher end malls. These were $300.
    2007_0804Image0062.JPG 2007_0804Image0063.JPG
  10. The square mother of pearl sunglasses are 5076H - i have them in the brown and can take pics if you would like. The model with the lizard CC fit the same as the mother of pearl - my mother has the lizard ones in red.
  11. Heres a few (rather horrible - well of me) pics of the 5076H. BTW I have a round face if that helps!





  12. I had these but sold them == I didn't like the way the curved shape fit my face. I have others just as big, but less curved if that makes any sense.
  13. those more square ones don't look right on me, I have a small roundish/heart shaped face. Mine are 5084's and are a little less square.
  14. wow thank you so much PradaPsycho and POTC_ROXS !! I really appreciate you posting those! It was definitely helpful to me. I think the Chanel ones will work for me, and I'm so happy to know about that Bvlgari style because I really like those too!

    Thank you so much I really appreciate you taking the time to take pics and post, thank you!!
  15. ^^^Hee hee! Anything to enable, Adore! Happy to help in that goal. :devil: