chanel moscow russian doll

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  1. Dear chanel lovers

    Does anyone know whether the moscow russian doll is
    still available? I am dying to get one for long time, but i just can't
    find it really....;-(
    please advice me~

    many thanx
  2. Are you referring to the handbag or the costume jewelry? Either way, both are probably sold out by now. But you can try calling Chanel directly or have an SA search the boutiques for old stock.
  3. i think i saw one on eBay about a month ago. i'm not sure if it is still around though.
  4. There was a doll necklace on the bay that ended last week sometime. Sooner or later one will turn up (keep the faith!)
  5. If you look at the runway pics of the Paris Shanghai pre-fall 2010 collection, you will see that they are coming with a very similar doll for this collection. See the photo below. Good luck!


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  6. That is SOOOOOOO adorable :sunnies

  7. aah!! must have it!!!

    dont mean to rub it in or anything, but im wearing my matryoshka at the moment
  8. ^Well, since you've successfully rubbed it into those of us without matryoshkas, why don't you post some modeling pics to make up for it? :P

    G&Smommy ~ That Chinese doll is too adorable!
  9. Oh my, the Chinese doll is adorable. When will it be available in Shanghai?
  10. Isn't the price tag about $9000.00???
  11. I think the doll purse pictured is about $9K, but I think they are also making jewelry using the doll, similar to the jewelry for the Paris-Moscou collection.

  12. WHAT????? $9000?????? It cost more than Paris-Moscow Russian doll. I thought the Russian doll was expensive enough...
  13. I just got an email from Penney and the price of the doll bag is$9600!!
  14. holy smokes! Paris-Moscow was like 6k and this is 9.6k!?!? :faint: guess i can move it from 'buy' to 'dream' list :s
  15. leopardyun , do u know if it's available or Penney only has a price? I really want to see it