Chanel moms--which bag do you find to be the most wearable for

  1. everyday use? I have a 2 year old and have another one due in June. I love my Coco Cabas because it fits well over my shoulder and I can just reach in for stuff without having to unflap/unzip, etc. Shoulder wear and easy access are a must, as well as a more durable leather. I am starting the search for my spring bag and, although I will wait until the trunk show in February, just wondering if you all had a favorite that works for you. Thanks
  2. You may want to look at the rerelease of the Cabas large bucket tote with the chain handles. It is very durable, light and convenient with a modern edge.
  3. I would suggest the modern chain tote, but with all of the leather it's quite heavy.
  4. Do we have a picture of this bag somewhere?
  5. I have a two year old and a 1 month old and i honestly feel that the cerf tote is a great everyday bag. There are tons of compartments, the bag can fit over the shoulder and it also comes with an extended shoulder strap.
  6. Hi YaYa -- you have your hands full! I will be in a very similar situation in June. Do you actually carry baby things in it? I was thinking if I am carrying a diaper bag anyway that I should get a smaller bag instead of a large purse and a diaper bag. Just don't know, though
  7. I use the chanel fabric tote I got one in pink and another in black. They are great! And then I use a small purse for my stuff (wallet, phone, business cards, etc)
  8. I used the travel/sport tote (black, cc fabric, the one tht was around $600, abt 4 yrs ago I think) It was a great size, easy to keep clean(which I LOVED not having to worry abt spills and grimy hands) and easy access. It closes w/magnetic button. Now tht I don't need a diaper bag anymore, its been great for rainy days and for travel. I do remember the dilemma of lugging it around vs having a separate smaller purse. I ended up carrying wallet,keys,MY essentials in a separate cosmetic-like-sized pouch for easy finding amidst baby things.

    Of course at the time everyone teased me abt using a chanel as a dipeee bag.... but jeans weren't fitting and I needed a pick-me-up:hysteric:
  9. I agree, the MC tote is quite heavy when fully loaded.

    I have the Large Outdoor Ligne Messenger Bag in Navy. I know the Outdoor Ligne isn't very popular but it is very rugged and durable.

    One great feature is that you can carry it so that the bag is totally behind you and you don't have anything under your arm next to your body. So if you are carrying one of your babies you don't even feel the bag under your arm. KWIM? Almost like having a one-armed backpack.

    I took a pic so you can see the size next to the large MC tote:


    I can fit a ton inside and I love the navy color - goes with casual wear like jeans very well. Here's another pic: