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  1. Welcome ladiess,

    because we get a lot of PM about talking about other stuffs than chanel in chanel forum, i decided to start a new threat where we can all talk about food, families, weddings, parities, Instant NOODLES!!:yes::yes::yes: and all other things thats happening in our livess~

    so i guess the first post would be-- let see
    Instant Noodles anyone?:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  2. Great idea, hopefully this way litlstrawberry's thread won't get in trouble, although I must say there are plenty of other threads that go off topic a lot (pictures of pets galore) and I guess people don't complain about that!!!! Anyhow... no noodles for me today , I am having miso soup with brown rice :angel:
  3. ^That's so true, Fendibbag. In Larkie's thread, for example, they talk about animals and babies all the time, and no one seems to complain. :shrugs: I don't get it. Perhaps people do like that we are having too much fun. :p
  4. Wai, this thread is a great idea. :tup: Thanks for starting it! :okay:

    So our first topic is instant noodle? :lol: Well, I didn't eat instant noodle today. Instead, we went to a Japanese restaurant with our small family of 4 (DH, the kids and I). I had tempura udon and spicy tuna roll.....yum I'm getting hungry again. :p What I find interesting is DH, even though he's Japanese-American from Hawaii, he dislikes raw fish. Funny huh? The kids love udon too but with BBQ pork.
  5. u are making me hungry too-- i was about to eat instant noodle today-- then my aunt called and surprised me with my fav burmese food so went there and ate instead -- gosh i love japanese food-- one of my favorite (but i like a lot of food too) hehee - but my heart belongs to sushi when it comes to dinner- i usually have sushi deliver around 1 or 2 in the morning cause we have a delivery thing that opens until 4 its call so thats usually my supper--- hehee Yes its strange that your DH doesnt eat sushi or raw fish- true japanese hate our californian sushis but oh well ilove it!! if u ever come here i will take u to the best sushi in town with a really hot waiter:tup: and his scary mum:tdown: but the sushi is great there:yes:

    so where are u eating tomorrow? make me hungry- i want dim sum but i think i am gonna go to a pancake place for breakfast then have ramen!

    i love udon too---

    ohh btw
    whats your favorite roll?
  6. i know-- i know--- i think people are just jealous that we are having so much fun and getting to know each other-- u know people:tdown: but i guess we can have fun here without getting into trouble-- hehee but we need to convince other to come here too-- may be we can have daily specials-- like
    monday can be kids day
    then food day
    then hobbies day
    then i dont know-- we can figure it out! hehee
  7. That's exactly the thread I was thinking about too!!! Maybe it's because litlstrawberry' s thread is new and larkie's well established:shrugs: At least we won't get in trouble here!!
    By the way my name is Patty, I was born and raised in Italy but my DH is korean-american...I looove japanese food and korean food, but I am not very good at cooking it!!

    Hope some more people join us!!
  8. you guys realize we can all read this, right?
    It's pretty disrespectful. . . if you have an issue w/ me or the way I mod or other people "thinking you are having too much time" then PM me, or them.
    But don't sit around and gossip as if we can't read it.
    It's not nice.

    No one is given special treatment in Chanel and if you think they are, then you haven't been paying attention.
    Look through my posts in other Forums, you'll see on an almost daily basis I'm somewhere on tPF reminding people to stay ON TOPIC.
  9. ^ yum! I love udon and tempura!
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    I would live on tempura!
  11. I just feel sensitive about it because in strawberry's thread, I was never rude or anything and as soon as I requested people to stay on topic I was dogpiled.
    We all know I'm really the only Mod on this site that watches Chanel so if people complain. . . it's likelly about me.

    You're completely right about teh reported posts. . . I actually don't even read Larkie's or strawberry's threads unless I get a reported post for one of them . . . once in a blue moon I may pop in teh last page just to 'keep up' but that's it.

    It's NOT personal, I don't remind people to stay on topic as some sort of vendetta, I promise.
  12. swanky- we are not being disrespectful at all and we dont mean to do that so please dont feel like that. Instead, because we are being respectful to tpf rules that we all apologize and just talk about non chanel stuffs here. I think we just feel kinda hurt cause our thread get the most complains when other threaddo the same too but dont get as much complain. We know that its your job to moderate, and we respect that. Please dont feel bad or sand and please dont take it personally, i think we were all just sad that we had to stop our little fun time there but i guess we will even have more happier here with the non chanel stuffs and it will also make your job easier cause u will be getting less complains from the chanel thread..

    please please please- if u got hurt from anything we said here- we are really sorry and please dont take it personally- we really werent even thinking about you when we said it, we were just a little annoy cause we get more complain than anyone else for doing the same thing, but its really nothing personal- and its really have nothing to do about you! u can visit us here anytime u want too! please dont be mad or sad! we dont mean it to you at all!
  13. Swanky, I totally admire you for doing such a great job at moderating thousands of users and I know that it's not personal at all!! You have to take action if you get complaints and I guess we were just a little hurt of getting so many complaints and we were wondering why people complain so much!! Nothing I said was ever intended to be directed at you and I apologize if it sounded like it :heart: :hugs:
  14. Hello ladies! It's my 1st post over here. I think this will be one of my very few threads that I will drop by regularly. It's like a special meeting place for us. I really need this as I don't have many close friends where I live right now. You gals are really special for me. Really! :yes:

    Thanks Wai again for starting this thread for a few of us who love to share. This way we can express anything we want & don't have to worry about posting non-Chanel-related issues on the Chanel modeling thread.

    : from what you've done & spoke out for us, I have to agree with any of your older friends, you are a very mature young lady. You bring :sunshine:to us all the time! Your future DH will be very lucky to have you!

    OK, back to the Instant Noodle topic - I usually have Nissin instant noodle with sesame oil (Red package with the cute little delivery boy). My DH's favorite is the chicken flavor. We actually just had some yesterday before we headed to Costco. Oh, we bought 1/2 salmon yesterday from Costco too! So, we just have salmon 2-way today for lunch: sashimi & pan-fired. Yummy! Tell ya something, my DH hate fish, but he loves sashimi. Don't really know why :shrugs: He just didn't like the taste of cooked fish.

    I love love love Japanese food. My last 2 trips to Japan was all about eating :yes:. They just don't offer sushi, but there are various kinds of restaurants. I love the fact that we don't get to eat the same food/style everyday. ie. ramen/udo based on different area & soup base; grilled chicken/seafood/beef; shrimp/beef don (rice bowl); curry food; even tofu; etc. I really want to go there again soon! :amuse:

  15. Take out sushi sounds fun, though DH will never eat then. We don't go to fancy restaurants anymore. With kids, fine dining is out of the question. Today we had homemade spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs for lunch with fresh garlic bread on the side. This was their brunch since everyone woke up late. We're heading to miniature golfing shortly....the kids absolutely adore golfing. Afterwards, I'm sure they'll be hitting the arcade and pizza. Speaking about arcade, I was in Sacramento a few months ago and we went to Chuckee Cheese. Bran, my older one (short for Brandon) had a cup full of tokens and then this jerk stole it from under him. He was so upset. Well, it ain't gonna ever happen again, as mommy is playing body guard this time around. :graucho:

    for dinner, probably eating out.

    I have to run now.
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