1. Hi, Ladies :sunshine:Continued from Part 3...Please feel at home, and chat away.

    Pics highly encouraged :yahoo:
  2. The next best thing to new-purse photos, is food pics, right? These were some of the food served during today's wedding shower for DD's friend. The egg salad sandwiches were prepared by yours truly :p


  3. Hello Ladies! Yeah a new chat thread. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I've been quiet here since I've been crazy busy at work.

    Hi True, that looks yummy!!! BTW..I'm going to be traveling to Chicagoland in about a week Jun 16-19 for work. Hoping to catch a nice weather there.
  4. Hi, Clau. Good to hear from you :yes:

    Hope you enjoy it here in the Chicagoland area.
  5. Good :sunshine: Sunday Greetings to All

    Alfie, I hope you feel better :hugs:
    Another busy day...
  6. Just a quick "HI!!!!!" to all my girlfriend!!! Life continues to be so busy for me- my immediate "boss" retired and his last day was Thursday- so, we are really restructuring "things" at work- badly needed changes! But- I am just so busy! and- I am going back to school- at 54 yrs young! going to get my EdS- then maybe my doctorate. A fantastic opportunity was presented that I could not pass up.
    I miss you ALL!!!!
    Alphie--please feel better!!! Warm hellos to ALL of you!
  7. morning girls
  8. here are some pictures of lola from over the weekend
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Hi, Di :flowers:

    Hi, Angie. Was Lola:love: drinking her favorite iced drink?
  13. hi true, no she was just playing with straws in the car during the car ride.
  14. Good morning Girls! What happened to this thread? Why is it going so slooooooooooow?

    Anyway, in Rachel's absence, I started part IV of Chanel Mommies Looking Good so to keep the modeling pictures moving. Don't want to lose a good thread, right?
  15. hey sophie, good morning. how are you? its been quiet on this thread...dont know why. i guess everyone are busy.