Chanel modern chain tote in the shiny caviar...

  1. Is this bag still available in stores?

    I just realized how versatile this could the "other airplane" bag for me besides the cambon multipocket reporter bag for me...

    Is it very heavy tho and is it comfy on your shoulders?

    If anyone has seen this at a Saks or boutique or even NM please let me know =)
  2. I have the 06 Modern Chain and love it.

    Good Luck!
  3. thanks!!!

    is there a difference between the glazed and non glazed leather ones??? are they heavier or lighter or more durable than the other?

    and i was looking for the e/w tote version... =)
  4. ^The glazed ones have a very nice glossy sheen to it. Haha, this sounds lame, but picture the way things look with a fresh coat of lacquer on it. It just has this beautiful sheen from whatever leather treatment they give.

    The non-glazed is simply matte. It's not caviar or lambskin, maybe calfskin?

    I much prefer the glazed version. I believe they're entirely sold out at this point as they were extremely popular. I'm hoping they'll re-release it, as I would love to get one in black or brown (glazed).
  5. There one one eBay now, but it may be pricey.
  6. I think they are sold out. I've seen several pop up on eBay.
  7. I just saw the hobo at Saks but don't know about the tote. Love the glazed, the previous year seemed to scratch too easily....
  8. I have the N/S glazed style and LOVE IT! It can get a bit heavy, but the straps sit comfortably on my shoulders.