Chanel Modern Chain in Black Available

  1. Lisa Hamlin at NM in Troy Michigan has the Chanel Modern Chain :heart:bag in Black ( and in other colors soon to arrive).

    Price $2225

    Lisa's number is (248) 635-8442:flowers:
  2. which bag? There's several styles :smile:
  3. Oh, good question Swanky! I am a Chanel newbie so I will call her and find out. All I know is that it costs $2225. But will find out and post it tomorrow for everyone!!!
  4. Kewl, thanks!!!

    I haven't seen much of the line yet, some people may know by the price but not meee!

  5. Ok. I just got off the phone with Lisa (who was not at the store yet so she did this from the top of her head- impressive!~).

    There are 2 styles: one is a tote style, and the other is a satchel style.
    Style # 33378 and Style # 33376