chanel modern chain collection

  1. hi everyone, what are your thoughts about the chanel modern chain collection? i was contemplating about getting it in white, but the sales assistant at chanel actually revealed that the modern chain isn't worth investing in because the chains are not made of the normal gold/silver chain with leather, but made of resin instead. thus causing it to be less durable because the chain gets spoilt easily and all.

    for those who personally own the modern chain collection, is this really true?
  2. Chanel has recalled the new chain with the resin because it was breaking so easily.

    I have an old Modern Chain and its my favorite bag right now.
  3. I love the look of the new modern chain due to the size/slouchiness of leather but would definitely steer clear due to the recall. Hopefully they will fix the problem and reissue it. I believe they've made resin chains in the past w/ no problems.
  4. only the new acrylic chains are bad, any of the metal chains are super!!!
    There's not many of the acrylic ones even floating around anymore, but they shouldn't sell you one anyhow as they were recalled.
  5. i just saw a bunch in hong kong! :tdown: i was contemplating getting one too...thanks goodness for tpf :heart:
  6. Maybe get the white modern chain with the metal chain. Its TDF! I considered getting the white myself before deciding on the black.
  7. I'm thinking of getting the "old" modern chain version, personally, I think it's much better looking than the new ones.
  8. I love the first season Modern Chain totes! My dark grey e/w is my avatar.
  9. im really confused, could someone please post pics. I keep thinking that this thread is about the new chains on the east/west, medium, and jumbo classic but i think im wrong?