Chanel Modern Chain (black & dk beige)

  1. Does any one know which chanel still have this bag in stock?:confused1:
    I want a black one so bad. My friend also said the dark beige looks nice but does anyone has picture on the dark beige?

  2. I don't know what style you are looking for, but I think NM has the MC flap.
  3. I dont think any stores have these bags in stock. Im pretty sure they are sold out , but you never know. The Dark Beige and black are both gorgeous .. I know there are a few of us that have a dark beige on ebay now. If you goand search ou will find many pictures . Good luck getting this bag it is stunning :yes:
  4. This is dark beige:


  5. The new Palm beach Gardens Chanel has a few in stock (I saw some there last week)--not sure which colors, though. Any Chanel boutique can do a computer search for you of all the other boutiques.
  6. That biege is very nice. :smile:
  7. Chanel in Palm Beach Gardens had the black MC tote last week! I did see that beige but it really looks more of an orange color to me! Hard to match!
  8. i was just at Saks at the beachwood mall in cleveland ohio and i saw a beige modern chain...ask for charlene she's super nice...i think she may have a couple of black ones on hold for people...she actually called a few of the people for me and it turned out that one of them had it on hold but didn't want's worth a try:smile: good luck
  9. i love the dark beige!!!
  10. can they ship overseas?
  11. Wow...I've never seen that color before...NM is all out..pretty much only special orders left :sad:

    i think there are a lot of MC flaps still out there
  12. There was a cancellation on a black one a week ago at my NM in SF and sat in the stock room for a good 2 days. But I'm almost positive it's sold already.

    There are some flaps out there still, especially in red.
  13. Oh my... That bag is FANASTIC!

    Smoothoprter-It looks great on you. Love it.