Chanel model A18004

  1. Some tpfers were looking for this bag, it is being held till 5:30 p.m., today at
    Saks, Dadeland Florida Chanel department in case any of you still want it, it is black with gold. Fran, the Chanel Manager is holding it, 305-6628655 ext. 357 or 355, I asked her to hold it in case anyone wants it. Price is either $1475 or $1495, not absolutely sure.
  2. Which style is this? What does it look like? Thanks!
  3. See "is this still in stores", middle picture, first row. for model.
  4. this is the grand shopper tote
  5. This model has a zipper and I think it is fatter than the Grand Shopper Tote, may be wrong>
  6. Definitely not the Grand Shopping Tote, the zipper in this model goes does both sides on the upper part of the bag for about 2 inches on each side and it is squarer and fatter than the Grand Shopping Tote.
  7. I stand corrected. Just spoke with my SA at Chanel
    and I was told that this model number is an older classic small tote- that comes in black
  8. it's A1804 or A18004?