Chanel mocassins/loafers...

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  1. Does anyone know where I might be able to locate a pair? Also does anyone know how they run size wise? I'm a UK 7.5 so roughly what size would I need...

    I've attached an ebay auction showing a smaller sized pair below, because I couldn't find any other pictures online. Mods, please remove if this isn't allowed. Thanks!
  2. super cute! i hope you find them!

  3. I know...they're so cute and they come in red and black also. I'm not having luck finding them in my size :sad: Not a good shoe searching day for me. Boo.
  4. hmmm I saw those at Chanel 57th in early Jan. but they were on sale and were only in super small sizes. They are all gone now :sad: I am sorry, I am no help!
  5. Those are adorable! I just bought a green pony hair pair of Chanel loafers... size 39. I'm soooo thrilled!!!! I hope they're authentic.