Chanel mini vs regular size (considering resale value also)

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  1. I'm only 5' exact and i don't carry too much stuff. It'll be literally just my phone, some credit cards and id, and a pack of gum. And maybe once in a while a lipstick too.
    I don't know anything about chanel except the only fact that i love the look of it. I was debating between all sizes. Even though i love the jumbo and medium sizes on some girls (and myself when i tried them on) i feel like the mini is all i really need considering the little stuff i carry and of course the awesome price.
    BUT my friends said if i could afford the bigger size, go with the bigger size because the resale value is much higher and they're more sought after than the mini.
    Please please PLEASE tell me your opinions. I love all of them. one is so practical and the other is suppose to have a much higher value and demand.
  2. mini's are all the rage right now, maybe bc of the whole mini/micro/nano bag trend. mini's have been around forever but they are so popular right now i would say they are in more demand than the m/l size!! for what you want to carry, resale value, and ease of use, i think a square or rectangular mini would suit you best!! the mini's can be carried crossbody whereas the m/l size cannot, even on someone who's your height. i believe the rectangular mini holds slightly more than a square and honestly if you look at reviews between rect mini vs m/l, they carry just about the same amount of stuff. price-wise, you are looking at $3100 vs $4900, so that's pretty significant!! i know mini's are selling close to or even above their retail price on the preloved market, and most certainly at consignment sites (they are listed significantly higher than retail). if you want caviar with silver hardware, it is not available right now. i know saks is ordering a rectangular caviar with gold hardware for cruise (list was just recently posted) but i would recommend you get on a pre-order or waitlist bc mini's go really fast!! so fast that even the pre-order lists fill up and then there's a waitlist after that! anyway, good luck!!
  3. I would get what you need and want, resale value is great for the mini's
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  4. I disagree with your friends. the mini flap, black caviar ghw, has much better resale value than the bigger sizes.

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  5. Both are great choices, so get what you love and would get more use out of.
    I see many minis (especially the caviar ones, and depending on condition) being sold close to, at, or over retail price.
    The bigger sizes (m/l, Jumbo) also hold their value great, but not as good as the mini (as of now).
  6. First of all, Don't buy a bag for the resell price, buy a bag because you love it! Second, I'm the same hight as you, and the mini looks so much better IMO.
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    Will the mini still in the trend years from now?
    Thank for everybody's quick replies. They're very helpful!
  8. +1
  9. Agree :smile:
  10. In my opinion, I think the larger bags (m/l or jumbo) hold their resale value better. I've been in the market for a mini (preowned or new) and they sell for about the same. However, for my larger bags, I've made more than retail price when selling. I think larger bags will always be in demand because that's what many people associate a "classic" Chanel as.

    I know when I first started collecting Chanel, I, like almost everyone I know, wanted a classic jumbo. I didn't even think about a mini until later on. Just my two cents
  11. Agree. I have 2 minis and see myself using them forever... Or until I pass them down to my daughter. :smile:
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    Welcome to Chanel and TPF

    Besides what others have pointed out,

    I highly recommend new members to do a search not to miss the wealth of info for threads like this and you'll also see oceans of threads talking about minis. This explains the popularity of the bags itself.

    Is the mini made for the sophisticated lady?

    And the mini club

    MINI~MINI~MINI! Mini Flap Thread

    Good luck with your decision!
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  13. I'm having a similar dilemma, but im rather concerned about the resale value of black caviar mini vs black lamb mini :P