Chanel mini square or rectangular

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  1. Hi guys!

    Does anyone know if there are any mini or rectangular flaps available in Paris or London this season? I’m not a massive Chanel wizz and can see on the website they have a black lambskin which is akin to the mini square...

    I am (preferably) after a beige or black mini in caviar with gold hardware.

    Also please feel free to give your two cents on which one you prefer for fitting more in. I remember seeing a video from Chase Amie who said she preferred the square mini as she could fit more in?

    TIA!! Xxx
  2. The minis are seasonal and this season (spring 19) they only come in lambskin with silver hardware. There is a beige - I know because I got one! There is also black, royal blue, a red (which many say is more orangy) as well as a pink - I may be missing other colors. Not sure about square and I have no idea what Paris or London may have.
  3. Personally I prefer the rectangular mini as the strap is longer so can crossbody. Also it fits a bit more (eg my umbrella) and I like the shape better.
  4. Wow you can fit an umbrella? Would you kindly post this please, I am so happy! And what else can go in, thanks so much!
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  5. I personally prefer the rectangle even though I have the just doesn’t fit very much, unfortunately. GL!
  6. mini rectangular...absolutely))))
  7. I have both an they fit a very similar amount. In terms of wearing it cross body it really depends on your frame. I’m 5 ft 8 and small framed and I can wear both the square and rectangular crossbody comfortably. I prefer the look of the square as it’s more classic (the rectangular is the newer shape of the two and the square has been around a long time) but the rectangular looks like a mini classic flap so it’s also cute! Try both in real life and see how you feel.
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  8. Mini square has perfect proportions so that it always attracts me more (just from the look). I was only interested in mini square at first but soon realized the shape of mini square changes every season. Keep in mind that Chase Amie owns a slightly bigger version of mini square. Some bags are just too small to fit a phone (18s is one of those season). My so black mini square is also smaller than the 18b I once had. I would say rectangle mini fits just a lil bit more. But i still love the square:heart:

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  9. My umbrella is 6” long and slides neatly into the bottom with space on either side.


    There’s space above but not enough to comfortably fit my zippy wallet (which is what I usually use with my mini flaps) so i put my cards and cash in my LV card holder instead.



    Hope that helps!
  10. Thank you so, so much! I never realised. I think I can try it also. Your time and effort is much appreciated. :heart:
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  11. Oh gosh.. I never knew the sizes were different!
    I tried the 19P coral square in lamb.. and my huge phone was able to fit in.. for once ive seen the square upfront closely.. and it didn't look that small ! ... issit becoz it's Lamb? Would that mean Caviar Square are not able to squeeze as much??? I wonder.. coz I'm after a Square rather than a rectangular too...
  12. That's a super useful series of photos! :heart:
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  13. Hi guys!

    Thank you so much for all your useful replies and pics! I am in LOVE with them all!

    I’m now leaning more towards the rectangular mini - when I get to Paris I will see if they have any and try them on - will give you an update to if I can source one! Xxx
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  14. Thanks for sharing! I have the same car remote so to see that is a good visual. If I may ask, what is that item next to it? Is it dental floss?
  15. hi, just in case, some of the Chanel SAs (at different locations) are real Moringa. Chanel has discontinued the caviar for the minis, both square and rectangle. They all say that they have only seen lambskin in the last several years. But that may not be the case overseas, such as Paris! And you really never know with Chanel. Sometimes, they say one thing and they do the other the very next year!