Chanel Mini Reissue, please help choose a color!

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  1. Hi ladies, need help deciding on a new mini reissue! I have lots of black classics with varied Sizes/ hardwares and just wanted to add a small one to my collection and later for my daughter to use:smile: my SA sent me these from the new season, any tweed or velvet experiences ?
    Which one do you ladies like? I know the navy blue leather is kind of timeless as it won’t be as delicate as tweed or velvet!
    Your opinions are appreciated :smile: TIA

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  2. Go navy leather for sure!
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  3. navy leather. omg i love it!!
  4. Leather for sure! So beautiful & durable
  5. I think the navy leather is the way to go, although I have seen that pink tweed a few times and in person and think it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t buy it myself though as it’s impractical for my lifestyle. If I wanted something to eventually pass down to my daughter, I’d go navy leather. Good luck and enjoy whatever you choose!
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  6. Navy leather with GHW is divine.
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  7. Navy leather! The gold hw just pops against it! Please let us know which one you eventually get!
  8. Definitely navy leather .love that combo
  9. What do you want - something that you will wear occasionally or another timeless piece? The navy leather mini reissue is a gorgeous. However, I don't always choose a timeless piece or look for resell value and I purchase pieces that make my heart flutter. When I look at these bags, my choice would be between the pink tweed and the navy leather options. That pink tweed has my vote. You can't go wrong with whichever bag you choose. Enjoy your new addition!
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  10. I would pick the navy leather. I tried it on and it’s a beautiful shade of blue. Also the leather would be easier to take care of than velvet or tweed
  11. I’d go for the pink tweed, I have a lot of leather Chanel bags and 1 tweed; and the tweed one is the one my eye is drawn to the most in my closet but if you don’t love the tweed the leather is also lovely!
  12. Leather navy! Please share SKU, I want one too, lol!