Chanel Mini Rectangular - Black Caviar

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  1. Hi - I am in the market for a mini rectangular in black caviar leather with gold hardware. I know these are seasonal releases, but I am wondering how often they come out in black caviar (I often see lambskin but not caviar as much)? Also, was there something unique about the black caviar minis in the 21 series (released in 2016)? I saw a post on a consignment website about these being a “special” release but wasn’t sure if that is the case. Thanks!
  2. I have been told by my SA when 19c was released that Chanel isn’t making more of the caviar minis (both square and rectangular). I don’t t think anyone has seen any caviar minis since but you never know if that’s going to change in the future. Good luck with you hunt of your dream mini!
  3. I was told by my SA that they should be coming out with caviar again but unsure of when as they’ve only been realeasing Lambskin.
  4. I dunno how often, but I have a 24 series mini IMG_5985.JPG
  5. I don’t think the caviar is a ‘special release’ but 2016 did have a special lambskin release which was special because it is much thicker and feels like calfskin
  6. I’m waiting for one too! The ones I see on resellers sites are selling over retail. I still think they will be released in the future it’s just a matter of if you can wait or not.
  7. My SA told me the exact same thing. Hopefully, they won’t make us wait too long
  8. The original poster inquired about mini black caviar ghw. was/is this combo available with shw? tia
  9. No caviar minis for a few seasons already, and none for Fall. We don't know when/if they coming back.
  10. Did you find out that there are no caviar minis in Fall (November?) already? I was hoping there would be some in the November release.
  11. No caviar minis since 18B. I’ve checked with the director of my store a couple times since and she still says no more caviar minis indefinitely. Who knows if they will bring it back, but she thinks not for at least a few years.
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  12. Not 100% sure for Cruise 20 in November yet, I haven't asked. Definitely no Fall Act I - July.
  13. Hey! How are you certain about the July release? I would like to know which boy bags they're coming out with, is there a way I can find out?
  14. Several SA's have commented on it already. They will be only Lambskin. As for Boys, I would follow the 19B thread in the Shopping section. That's where all the intel will be posted when it becomes known. :smile:
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  15. Thank you so much for the reply! will do!
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