Chanel mini light pink -worth it?

  1. Can anyone give me opinion on this gorgeous bag, if they have it. Is it worth it?
    I am looking to get it preloved, but worry about color(being too light). I have not tried it in person, do you recommend for petite frames (5'3" here :/)
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  2. I have seen this irl and it is beautiful. The pink hue with the matt gold is a keeper.
  3. Love the color however forget wearing it with dark denim
    me personally i wouldn't go for it because i just bought the chevron mini in red caviar and had some color transfer:sad::sad: and its not even that light i was able to wipe off immediately but its not perfect:sad: since this happened im not buying any light color minis especially not in lamb

    good luck deciding love:smile:
  4. I have this same mini and I love it! The pink and gold combo is really gorgeous. It's calfskin so it's more durable than lamb. I do have to be mindful though when pairing it. I don't wear it with dark clothes or denim. But that goes for any light colored bag. One thing you do have to be careful with this bag is the creasing on the front flap. I had to return 3 of them before I found one with minimal creasing.

    Here's one I returned with bad creasing. Oh and the turnlock was crooked!

    Here is a mod shot of my mini
  5. it seems too high maintenance for me w/ the issue of color transfer with the dark denim and the creases on it already. however, i think the ethereal pink with gold is very pretty!
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  6. It's a beautiful bag! I have a medium lambskin flap in this light pink color, I love it! I have several light-colored bags though. I am more careful about what I will wear, brushing up against things, and where I set it down. Also any scuffs or marks might be more obvious.
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  7. As gorgeous as this bag is, owning it would give me anxiety. So i just admire it on other people.
  8. As I recall, the material is aged calfskin so you will have to accept slight wrinkling over time. I was offered this bag and passed as I felt I would get color transfer. If you wear a lot of light color clothing (white), I don't think you will have any issues.
  9. I've seen this bag in person back in Jan, as I recall, it's made of lambskin.
    Lambskin is very delicate and scuffs show easily on the corners of the bag ...
    This light pink is GORGEOUS!!! It fits petite body frames very nicely.
  10. It's calfskin. The lambskin mini from cruise was quilted.
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  11. This is such a pretty color but I would afraid of color transfer myself.
  12. I know several of us on here that have this beauty (including myself thanks to my dearest V!) i absolutely LOVE it....TDF color & i think the matte gold HW is perfect for this one. Oh & I am also 5'3"...Miss CC gives great advice & I am also careful when I use this one.
    Miss CC-that's 1 of my fave mods of yours darlin'!:heart::heart::heart:
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  13. It is worth it if you will enjoy using it.....the fabulous advice already given by the other tPFers should be taken into consideration when deciding....
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  14. Thank you sweet Kendie! Glad you're still loving the mini. It's the perfect shade of pink and pairs well with the matte gold hw.
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  15. Thank you! Unfortunately I could not hold it in my hands, my seller sold it to other person. :sad: I appreciate your input.
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