Chanel mini handbags?

  1. Guys
    I Have always been after a small chanel bag about 5" X 5" approx I seen one in s/ 06 collection in a gorgeous Fuschia colour:heart: and have kicked myself for not buying it since
    it was about £350 retail i think

    Does anyone know the name of the small ones A few times i have seen different styles leather/silk etc on eBay but does anyone know the actual name and can you point me in the direction of one lol AS This is my new want!!!:yes:

  2. there is one with a camelia flower in black satin, chocolate bar quilting in gold h/w! i've been eyeing on it but the price has increased by a few hundred so guess i'll never get it. imo, it doesn't worth the tag now especially when it's only big enough for a cell phone and lipstick?
  3. OOO is this instores now or on eBay?
    Thats exactly the size im talking about :smile: I guess im just fed up with taking big bags out nowadays lol
  4. ^ i saw it in the boutique here where i live. it's in Singapore, costs SGD1.8k after the price increase.
  5. Is it the wallet on a chain or what is called it??
    The mini flap with the camelia was around 750 euro last year, so I think ti couldn't be this... :confused1:
    Try to look at reference library! It's so helpful!
  6. I have one in my it that one?>