Chanel Mini Flaps - do they go on sale?

  1. Not familiar with Chanel at all, so hoping that you experts here could help me with some questions!

    Does the Chanel Mini Flap ever go on sale? And if so, how often and how much is the discount? I'm hoping it's part of a classic collection that won't go on sale?

    And what is the retail on one currently?

  2. As far as I know timeless classic ligne never go on sale
  3. Sometimes they will put the seasonal colors, if they don't sell well, on sale.
  4. The caviar mini-flap in classic colors (such as black & beige) just went up to $1725 (or was it $1750)....just noticed the updated price stickers yesterday and was shocked! I've seen some variations of the mini-flap (same size, same chain, but not timeless classic series) in seasonal colors & lambskin go on sale -- e.g. a coral/pinkish one from a year or two ago. But the black or beige colors?....those are only increasing in price unfortunately.
  5. thank you everyone for your response!

    how do i know if a bag is from the timeless classic series? is there any rule of thumb that i can follow?
  6. OMG!!! I bought the black mini flap on Dec. 2006 here in Italy and it was 930 euro - 1335,00 US dollars...!!! What an increase!! :wtf: