Chanel mini flap on sale?

  1. Has anyone seen any mini flaps on sale besides the ones at Saks that sold out in NYC?


    I bought the medallion tote in pink from Joseph but I would much rather have the mini flap if I can find it on sale :smile:
  2. did you receive your medallion tote yet? how does it look?
    i was very torn as well, initially i was gonna get both but then ended up w/ the mini flap. good luck on your search.
  3. I got my medallion today too, and i wish i would've gotten a mini flap....
  4. love shopping...what don't you like about the medallion tote?
  5. I got my bowler today, very nicely wrapped. takeoutbox, have you got your mini flap yet?? Must be very nice heh? Should have get that one too :sad:
  6. angel, no i haven't gotten it yet, it will take a while becuase my friend in the states is away, so i'm not expecting it until early next month. i am quite excited, i checked out the size in the boutique here, and i can't wait for it, i'm sure it's gonna be adorable. i think every girl should have a pink bag.
    pls post pix of your bowler, i'm sure its adorable too.
  7. I haven't see it yet, my sis received it at her place. Just got a text msg from her, saying that mine was nicely wrapped. Won't see it till the end of the month thou. Dont know if you've noticed my "heh" sound. Yup....I think you're from there too???
  8. yep, you got it. i'm from "there" too. which sucks for bagaholics like ourselves...thank goodness for friends and family on the other side of the border.
  9. nope, havent received it yet-should be arriving today or tomorrow hopefully :smile:

    but still would prefer a mini flap ;(