Chanel Mini edge stitching on lambskin?

  1. Hey guys!

    I've been looking at a square mini on Fashionphile, and it has edge stitching on the flap despite being in lambskin. I was under the impression that this was only on the caviar bags. I've already posted in the authentication thread, but I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen a lambskin bag with the edge stitching?
  2. I've seen newer minis in chevron lambskin having the stitching revealed on tpf. I have a 2002 lambskin mini diamond quilting that has the stitching. I imagine there are variations, but stitching may not be as common, or more so in older models. I personally love the stitching :smile: Love the one you chose on Fashionphile!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I had no idea, so thank you very much for enlightening me. I had actually been going back and forth for a while on this one, and while I was still debating, someone else bought it haha! But I guess everything happens for a reason, because shortly after, this black vintage mini with SHW was listed, and I just snagged it immediately. I prefer a darker bag since I want to wear this often (which means jeans!), hence the hesitation with the beige, but I only wanted SHW--and it helps that the vintage ones are slightly larger since I have an iPhone 6+ with a bulky case!
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  4. The black one is nice as well, less worry about colour transfer! It seems like the perfect timing too. I stuck with the rectangular minis as they fit the iPhone plus easily but now you have me thinking of vintage squares lol
    Look forward to your reveal :smile:
  5. They do come with the edge stitching for lambskin.