Chanel mini chevron or Vuitton capucines?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My birthday is coming up and I am set on getting a bag for myself. I have been saving for a while and was set on the Louis Vuitton Capucines pm in black, but I just saw the Chanel mini square chevron in black caviar at my local store the other day, I tried it on and fell in love! Now I´m not sure at all what to get, if I should stick to my plan and get the capucines or get the Chanel. I love both bags and believe I would use both equally. The Chanel will be gone once it sells out and the mini is not even in the permenant collection anymore I believe, but the Vuitton I´ve been trying to get for many years but always bought something else and was set on finally getting it. What should I do, need to decide as soon as possible! Advice will be very appriciated!

    p.s also posted this in the Vuitton section
  2. I personally love the mini chevron in black caviar more but if you were always trying to get the LV then go for the LV otherwise you'll still be thinking about it.
  3. Pics? Also, we don't allow people to post the same topic twice. I need to close one of them. . .
  4. Sorry, didn´t know, I apologize. Feel free to close the threads :smile:
  5. I think it depends on what you need (or want) in your collection. The Capucines seems like a very ladylike, formal bag that would be good for work in a business casual or business formal environment. I adore my mini but it is most definitely a weekend or evening bag. The essentials will fit but nothing more.

    On a completely personal note, I would hesitate to spend that much on an LV bag (if resell is a concern for you), even though it's beautiful. I know the canvas bags hold their value well, but they are at a much more accessible price point. I'm not sure how well the expensive leather bags hold their value over time.
  6. I love the chevron mini and don't think it will disappoint :smile:
  7. Both if you can. If not I think u shd go for the one you have wanted for longer, the LV bag.
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