Chanel Métiers d'Art 2024 (24A)

I was checking out this collection in store and, with exception of the green, the colors look so muted to me. I was planning on getting a lilac 22 but the lilac has a gray undertone and I didn't like it with the gold hardware on the shoulder strap, it would have looked better with silver. The pink is slightly dusty. I prefer brighter colors so these were not for me.
Sharing my beauties here, finally I could add this cutie to my collection in a color I love! Couldn’t resist the twilly and the black and brown pair of ballerinas either! I lost count of how many times I have missed brown and black flats, not an exact match but they are stunning nonetheless🤎🖤


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Congrats! It is a nice emerald green. Curious, how early did you go wait in line? I was going to go early for the grey nano but ended up not going for it.

I don’t live so close plus bad morning commute, so took me about two hours to drive to the boutique with 1 gas stop. I got in an hour and 25 minutes before 10AM opening. Second person came in an hour and 5 minutes before opening. When I got in, they had 1 green, 2 grays, 2 browns, 2 hounds tooth nanos. I was aiming for the green, which my SA told me they only had 1. VIPs had already bought a few before launch date. They all sold out within an hour and a half. I wanted to get two, and I asked them several times, but I wasn’t allowed to purchase two of the same bag, so I got the 22. My friend arrived 10 minutes after I got in, but they didn’t allow her to enter to meet me even though they know her as well. We then went to another boutique around noon where we were on a waitlist… took us 4 hours to get in and only the denim fushia was available.
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