Chanel metallic bags


Chanel metallic bags - are they classics?

  1. Yes! They're difinitely classics!

  2. Nope!

  3. Not sure!

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  1. Are they classics or something that will pass in a few months? I saw a really cute bag earlier today and it was in silver-ish color. It's not OBVIOUS metallic but it would def. be considered one.

    So, what are your thought?
  2. If I can't have one in every color, then I'd do the basic black/red/brown (I don't think they have brown).

    I like black as you can tell!
  3. I think if it's not too obviously metallic, and the style is classic (like a classic flap), I think it's still classic!
  4. totally agree
  5. Well, I have a silver flap bag and I hope it's not passe next year.
  6. I think they are pretty and while the style may be classic, for the price, I think of longevity. I guess I worry about the "peeling" factor. I usually buy Chanel for keeps. Its rare I sell a Chanel bag. I have only sold one and it was because the color was not me.
  7. I'd get a metallic if it was in a classic flap style but I'm not into the Luxury line. I think metallics look best with some texture to the bag versus flat leather. The quilting mixed with metallic looks best in my opinion.
  8. A definite yes for evening wear all year around as well! Perfect for dressing up jeans!
  9. I think so, they're not the same as black...but a nice change. There will always be metallic haters, but I think lots of people like it.
  10. The slightly metallic bags in classic styles have staying power IMO. I have a slightly metallic gold tote that I plan on using for years to come.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. My light gold (looks more like silver) deerskin bag from this year spring collection. the metalic color is very light and the shape is just so cute. It keeps making me think of marshmellow! :heart: :heart: Though this is not a classic flap but I think I can use it for many years.
    DSC01374.JPG DSC01377.JPG
  13. I think Chanel came out with a metallic flap bag last winter, I think? It was more of a Pewter color, and gorgeous! Someone on TFS had it, and it was probably a medium size. I hope they come out with something like that again! :biggrin:
  14. O Yea, that one was cute!!
  15. I found a picture...I think it's from the Chanel website....

    IWANTIWANTIWANT!!! :love: :love: :love: :lol:
    Chanel Dark Silver.jpg