chanel metallic 2.55 reissue

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  1. Ladies~~ can anyone help me locate black metallic 2.55 reissue?
    I know it's nowhere to be find now, but I want that bag so bad.
    I tried ebay, but the prices are ridiculous. I know if's hopeless to
    get one at the price before increase..but I'm just

    Oh, btw, does anyone know what the prices will be for spring 2.55
    reissues? do you think it'll be wiser to wait until spring and buy a
    new color than buying one off from

    Please help~~~ =(
  2. please re-read the rules before posting again.
  3. They are sold out in the US...your best bet is ebay right now. The price for the spring 226 size is 2425...not positive about the other sizes. I believe someone in a different thread said there may be a black reissue in the spring line but I'm not positive if they will bring in black since they just had metallic black for the fall. I've been looking for a metallic black in the 226 size and have only been able to locate them on ebay. Good luck!!!