chanel Metallic 2.55 in rose gold colour Vs dark silver


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
yes, you can do that :tup: and reissues will be comming out w new colors soon so you might like them bette, just get what you like better between the two. Dark silver is more common -- they were re-released again this yr thats why there are more people using it. Im not even sure when the rose gold came out, i got mine from a resellerr -- mint condition, and the receipt says it from japan.
Yes, I've heard that the rose gold was Japan only, so it was very limited!

The reissue is coming back in a color called "pewter" which will replace the dark silver. This color is different and is a truer dark silver color and has none of the bronzy undertones that the currently existing dark silver has. Personally, I adore the color of the current dark silver! Most perfect metallic ever, hands down IMO.
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