chanel Metallic 2.55 in rose gold colour Vs dark silver

  1. Does anyone have a pic of the chanel metallic 2.55 in rose gold colour? I m thinking to purchase one of the chanel metallic 2.55 stlye, but cant decide what colour, i should look for. :confused1:

    Please post ur pic of the rose gold colour? Or do u guy have any comments between these 2 colours? :smile: dark silver Vs rose gold :love:
  2. hi, i posted a pic of both beside each other at the reference thread.
  3. thanks JSG, but i wonder which colour i should get, between these two.
    Is the rose gold very shiny?
  4. WOW. Are you saying you found an available rose gold? These are all but impossible to find! Just based on that, I would get the rose gold! But otherwise, I LOVE dark silver. It's such a chameleon color, and goes with EVERYTHING. And you can get away with wearing any type of jewelry with it!
  5. thanks bulletproofsoul, for your comments. But, yeah, I was lucky that i jus happened to find the rose gold , but im not so sure about the colour...
    Personally, i like the dark silver ( same reason as urs), but since i could only afford jus one (for now) ,should i forgone the opportunity to have the rose gold and go for the dark silver?

    I havesnt seen the rose gold IRL, wonder is it a pretty colour? or is it too pinkish ?
  6. I would go for dark silver. The MM lock is sparkling shiny ruthenium hardware.
  7. Hi JSG! Can i ask, which colour do u prefer between these 2? Is the rose gold very bright and shiny as the light silver IRL ?

    I have done a research in tpf for a while, wonder why i havnet seen people carry rose gold as much as dark silver? Is it simply bcause it is a hard to get piece or is it just not that popular as the dark silver or metallic black? :confused1:
  8. Well, honestly i get to use the dark silver more. Bec as they've said, it looks well with almost anything. however the rosegold is very rare, and i love shiny stuff. yes it's very blingy as compared to dark silver. it's quite peachy... as for the dark silver, i use it for casual or semi formal stuff. good luck,whichever you decide, you will love it.
  9. incase you dont get the rose gold , will u let us know where it is available, i know a lot of tpfers are looking for it.
  10. dark silver...
  11. thanks so much, jsg :smile:... will let u know, what colour i would get....
    but im more incline to the rose gold at the moment, but got too see it IRL bfore making me any final decision.... ( how about i should keep the rose gold for now, as it is a hard to find piece, and get the dark silver later on?) what do ya think?
  12. I think this is an excellent idea. The dark silver is also hard to find, but not as hard as the rose gold. I think you have ways of getting a hold of the dark silver at a later date. I have not seen the rose gold IRL, but it looks very pretty in the pics I've seen. As for the dark silver, I do think it is a MUST BUY! :yes: Good luck and please post pics, especially of the rose gold!
  13. i love love the dark silver. i passed on a rose gold and a dark silver last year and spent one year waiting for them to repeat the dark silver and finally managed to get one! i didn't like the rose gold as much, it was very bling whereas the dark silver is absolutely gorgeous. very subtle and classy.. i love it!
  14. yes, you can do that :tup: and reissues will be comming out w new colors soon so you might like them bette, just get what you like better between the two. Dark silver is more common -- they were re-released again this yr thats why there are more people using it. Im not even sure when the rose gold came out, i got mine from a resellerr -- mint condition, and the receipt says it from japan.