chanel metal logo

  1. can someone tell me what the authentic chanel metal logo looks like?-There seems to be different versions of the letter A posted on Ebay, wanted to know what the authentic metal logo looks like and if it is ever on both sides of a handbag or only on the front?-thanks a lot
  2. Looking for answers, more details, the metal logo is about 7 inches long and a 1/4 inch wide, silver, in the front and back of the square stitched tote, to that piece are attached the two silver rings that hold the handles, both in the front and in the back-
    I have seen two different versions of the word chanel which is carved in the center of the metal piece, and lets the color of the bag show through, in one version the top part of the letter A is slightly separated from the bottom part of the letter A, and in another version there is a break in the center of the horizontal line of the letter A-Chanel experts help please, which is the authentic, are they both used by to tell fake from real? THANKS
  3. Okay, I get easily confused. Can you get pictures of both the metal logos so we can take a look?