Chanel messenger bags

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  1. Hi all,

    after getting my first Chanel (a black GST with gold hw) a few months ago :yahoo: I have been thinking of getting a messenger bag to keep it company. I'm just having a hard time finding one! I would want it to be something in the style as my first one. I have been thinking of getting a classic flap, but I don't know if it would be practical as a messenger bag.. Anyone have any ideas? Please help me!
  2. The medium chains are a little short to wear it like a messenger style. I think you'd have to get a jumbo in order to wear it comfortably like a messenger.

    Depending on what size messenger bag you were looking for the jumbo is a great option since its a little larger and holds a lot. Also it can be worn double handled shortended to be carried like a breif case and tucked all the way inside like a large clutch, so the jumbo is really versatile in use.
  3. ^The jumbo can definitely be worn messenger style because of the length of the chain. IMO though, it kinda looks funny.
  4. The ew with double chains can also be used messenger style! I think Chanel is doing it for S/S 08 again. There is also currently an ew with m/m lock with double chain (leather interwined), I know my SA Stephanie from NM San Antonio had them.
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