Chanel messenger bags....discontinued?

  1. I heard from an SA from the Chanel boutique that Chanel was discontinuing or discontinued messenger bags? I remember there being a small and a large....was there a medium size?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Do you mean the Cambon ones?

    I know at least the little one was discontinued, my NM had it clearanced.
  3. do you know how much it went for at NM?
    it sucks how canada never has sales like that. the cambons are still original price :sad:
  4. I got it for around $360 from NM. They may ship to Canada. I have an excellent personal shopper at NM who may be able to help.
  5. Its good that their not on sale in Canada. lol. It makes me feel a tiny bit better :smile:
  6. Yes, sorry I mean the Cambon messenger bags!

    I guess they are discontinuing it, I am sad that I could never find one. :crybaby: