Chanel Messenger bag

  1. Hii, Just curious, are there any messenger bags out there that i can hang across my body.

    nothing too huge or heavy though--thanks!
  2. Chanel has a mini classic bag that can be used doubled up or single chain as a messenger bag. I really like it a lot and had my eye on a caviar one. Its not very big at all though.
  3. In the cambon collection (the one with CCs on the side), there are three style of messenger bags.

    Two of them are shaped like rectangle and another one has a flap
  4. I have three Chanel 'messenger' type bags. The second one is a cambon messenger and the first is from the 2.55-2005 collection (I have this one in the black and in the grey, pic of the one in black).
    chanel7.jpg chanel2.jpg
  5. ^that white one was clearanced at my NM, it may be hard to find now.

    Did you mean bigger, like for school or small like for errands?
  6. didnt the diamond stitch have a messenger? i think it was on the photos Edna posted for Nordstrom F/W collection

    I love that one!
  7. They make a grained calf. diamond stitch that is beautiful!!!
  8. I have the white one. It doesnt hold a whole lot because its narrow but it holds essentials. Great for shopping or a light day.
  9. The diamond stitch messenger is nice. Also, Chanel Sport has messenger bags (in the typical sense) that should be more affordable than the leather bags. Last time I was at the boutique, they had some weird tweed messenger bags, too. I wasn't feelin' it though. Do you want an actual messenger bag that holds a lot of books and papers, or do you want a messenger style handbag that you can carry across your body?
  10. I also have two reissues that can be worn messenger style, but after a while they do start to dig into your shoulder. Perhaps with a coat they would be ok, but I dont find the reissues too comfy as messenger bags because of the chains.
  11. I have one from the Chanel Sport line- it is rather large though (15" x 10") and I use it for travel and shopping. (sorry for no pics- they won't load).
  12. I Like the bag and the earrings!! the only thing now to pimp your style is some Chanel sneakers!! Very nice!!:biggrin: