Chanel Messenger Bag

  1. Does anyone know if the new Chanel messenger bag comes in a different color than the gold metalic shown in the neiman catalog????????
  2. I'm sure it does. Saks may get different colors. You want to ask over there too
  3. Thanks I'll give them a call
  4. can u scan the pic for us? i wanna see! =D
  5. yeah me too..wanna see the pic. pretty please
  6. YES! This bag is a beauty and authentic on Personalshoppers at the right price. I just saw this bag at the Chanel Boutique in black. I'm holding out for the same bag but with the chain strap whenever that one come's really nice and the leather is TDF. BUt then again, I'm partial to soft leathers....
  7. I'm almost positive that I saw this in black at Neiman's-i thought it was available as an option in black in the catalogue.
  8. Ooh that white is pretty!! I like it. (this is the first I've seen it) its a beauty.
  9. I love this bag! Its between this one in the white or a pink caviar 255.

    Does anyone know what the retail is on the messenger? And what the retail is on the medium caviar 255? TIA!