Chanel Melrose flap or Timeless Caviar Cluth

  1. Hi,everyone
    I already have jumbo flap black caviar.and just brought a large Melrose flap and now I not sure should I keep the Melrose flap because it is made of vinyl and same size of my jumbo flap but it is good price and big.I want to change to the timeless caviar cluth but the price just increase from 895 to 1095 and it is small but it is timeless and classic.I been thinking of this for so many days,please help!:girlsigh:
  2. :angel:
  3. Hmm. For me personally, I would get the timeless clutch because like the name, it's timeless and classic.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the melrose ligne, but I do think it's a "trendy" bag with the colors and the vinyl.

    The timeless clutch will never go out of style.
  4. I like the timeless clutch more than the melrose. I think the clutch is easier to match.
  5. Timeless Clutch all the way! You will get loads of use out of it, especially in Caviar! Which color are you thinking to get? Red, beige, black, or white?
  6. Get both :smile:
  7. Melrose is limited time and won't be available forever. Will the clutch be available?
  8. IMHO, the timeless clutch is a better, more classic buy. :smile: :heart: I'm not really into trendy bags anyway, so I may be biased hehe :p... but I wouldn't keep the melrose bag because the price is good for its size... I'd only keep it if you really love it, and it sounds like you might love the timeless clutch more. ;) They are very different bags though in both the purpose they'll serve and the size... good luck with your decision! :tup:
  9. I'm not loving the Melrose ligne just yet.
    I would go with the timeless.
  10. Tmeless Clutch for me!
  11. I think I would go timeless too - its the one evening style bag that you will pull out and use time and time again whereas with your melrose and flap you will be deciding each day which to use

    Good luck with your decision - let us know what you decide
  12. timeless clutch:yes:
  13. Hi,everyone
    I just return the melrose flap and order the timless caviar clutch in white,I want that in black but only white avilable for $895 same price before increase from Neiman Marcus quick order.NM said I should get it on 26Nov will let you know.Thank You!