Chanel Melrose 08

  1. So NM contacted me and said they just got this bag in but before I order it, I was wondering....did anyone happen to have seen this one up close in person?

    The one in this pic looks great but I've seen another picture of it in Vogue (I think) and it looks quite different (not so attractive). Any info from all you ladies would be appreciated.
  2. I like , i like!!!! I saw the larger melrose cabas style, but I lovce this flap, how much is it?
  3. I haven't seen it iRL, but I wish it was leather.
  4. i saw the flap at the trunk show. would def buy it if it were leather--seeing and touching the vinyl in person sorta killed it for me:sad: .

  5. me would've been better if it was made of leather.

    i haven't seen it IRL but i believe it's made of vinyl.
  6. It seems more trendy to me & when I think of Chanel, I think of classic & timeless.
    This is not for me, but if you like it, go for it!
  7. Awww shucks...I guess this one didn't get the vote. It's $1425 for the medium and $1475 for the Jumbo. I'll probably pass on this one but just to satisfy my curiosity, I'm going to have it sent to me anyway...just to see what it looks like so I don't have any regrets later.. :p . I'll post some close up pic when it get it.
  8. Okay, don't forget to let us know how it looks like IRL...I'm also thinking about it, but again I am a bit hesitated after knowing that it's made of vinyl...

  9. I just love it! I think its really different, I want the jumbo, cant wait to see your pics.
  10. ahhhh me too..can't wait to see the pics. i am actually contemplating whether to buy the flap or the tote (must be way too big?)
  11. I don't like that shaded, degrade color. I see it in the Prada handbags for the fall and I'm already tired of it, also the vinyl is not as nice as patent leather... it's a no for me :nogood:
  12. I really like it! Post pictures if you decide to get it. I would get the smaller on because I would use it as an evening bag. It is a fair price I think.
  13. hmm, sorry don't think it is really pretty... :sad: especially considering it won't be leather. But that's maybe just me...
  14. I would love to see pics of you modeling it before you send it back.
  15. Its cute and that's a great price but I'm not sure I would buy it. It's a little too trendy for me and I dont know if i'd be able to wear it years from now!