chanel melbourne help!!

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  1. I want to buy a chanel bag, but there is no chanel boutique in indonesia. :crybaby: so i'm thinking to ask my cousin's help to buy it in melbourne. he's coming home soon :graucho:

    anyone know, do the chanel boutique in melbourne has this bag but in ivory color medium size.

    how much is the retail in Aus$??

    Thankz a lot guyz..

  2. they have a light beige in lambskin. call them!
  3. thankz a lot!! i will ask my cousin to call them... :yahoo:

    do you know how much is the retail?
  4. Can't remember the exact price, probably around $22xx or a $100 more for lambskin in medium (Australian size). If you like to have the US medium which refer to a large in Australia and it should be $100 dearer. Call them and ask, here is the no. (613) 9671 3533.
  5. Direct flight from melbourne to Indonesia..or he/she is flying into Singapore first..b4 flying out to Indonesia??? This is patent..rite???
    If so.. I think S'pore can be cheaper (5% rebate on Gd Services Tax..sorry..i dun how much it is retail for thgh?? Exchange rate..will save u a lot of money too.
    Tel 65 67335120...ask for Tracy/Molly
    Get the model/style no. to check if they have stock (reserve it first)
  6. thankz a lot guyz..

    i have friends in singapore, i will call to check if they have stock n ask my friend to help me.. :wlae: