Chanel Medium Soft & Chain...Pics!!

  1. I received the medium beige soft & chain and it is a gorgeous bag!!! The leather is so just can't keep your hands off! The only thing I'm not too crazy about is the chain. It's a little too much chain for me.

    I found it snug to wear comfortably on the shoulder. For me, it would have to be more handheld. I do like the size though. The dimensions are approx. 14.5" wide and about 10" tall.

  2. OOOoooo, sooooo:huh:oooo pretty! the color is so beautiful
  3. GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for posting! BTW, do you know what the approx handle drop is? Congrats on your new beauty!
  4. That is beautiful, I would love to see it modeled , I tried it on with stuffing and it was snug. I love it.
  5. the leather is so yummy! congrats!
  6. lovely!:love:
  7. it's so pretty! and the leather is tdf, i had to get out of the store before i bought it.
  8. Soooo cute!
  9. I love the chain. Is it heavy?
  10. The leather looks so yummy... congratulations! :smile:
  11. Lovely color!
  12. Oh, I saw those in the Stanford NM yesterday. I didn't buy it, cuz the chain pulled out my hair each time I tried it on( I did that couple of The leather is sooo soft that I love though! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. I looooove the chain on this. I think this is a gorgeous bag - I wish you would model it for us. I almost got the large in white (want a white bag really really badly) but decided it was too large to be white lambskin. This one might satisfy my need for white.
  14. :huh::huh: LOVELY bag!~
  15. Congrats! The leather looks amazing!