Chanel medium shopping bag A58004

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  1. Hello!!! Can someone please tell me the US price for a chanel medium shopping bag A58004? I am planning to exchange the PST that I got from Neiman Marcus. ( I never used the PST). It' s too open for me and I like the security of having a zipper on my purse so my stuff won't fall out. I made a mistake of not looking at the Chanel website first before heading out to buy one. This is my very first Chanel purse and I don't want to regret buying it. PLS any info will be highly appreciated. Thank you!!!:biggrin:
  2. I love this bag! It is my workhorse bag and still looks amazing! It was $2195 when I bought it 3 years ago but I'm sure it has undergone some price increases since then. It was the same price as the GST at the time. Maybe you should call NM and check?
    A few months ago my SA did say that she was having a difficult time locating one for another client, so they may be harder to come by now.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you!!! I called Neiman Marcus and they said it's out of stock. Even Chanel stores don't have it. I asked if they could order it for me but unfortunately they can only order the bag, if it's available in stores.:sad::sad: I wonder if a Chanel store can order it for me???
  4. I know Saks has this bag! :smile:
  5. I like this bag too! Does anyone know how much it is now?
  6. $2225 - Petite Timeless Tote
  7. Hi! Does anyone have an updated price for this bag? CHANEL Medium Shopping Bag: A58004. I'm planning to pick it up in Paris in November if available. Thanks!
  8. Do you have any pictures about the bag a58004? I'm so glad I found the topic about the bag,I'm just wondering the pockets about it. If you could share some pictures about the closure,I'm much appreciated. thx.
  9. In order to describe my questions clearly, plz check the picture here.
    I want to know does it has open side pockets for the red circled point.
    anyone knows the details about the original ones, plz let me know. thx.