Chanel medium flap or Kelly ???

  1. ladies,
    just wondering what u ladies think? chanel medium flap or the chanel kelly? both are around the same size..but just wondering what u ladies think??
  2. i like the flap.
  3. kelly? wheres the kelly? whose the kelly? LMAO

    I have been looking for that bag. If you like handbags such as I then get the kelly.

    if you like the convience of shoulder AND handbag, get a flap
  4. Both are great. I agree w Jahpson that if you want a shoulder bag go for the flap and if you want a hand held purse go for the kelly. Another consideration is the flap can be dressed up or down, especially with the sh. The kelly is dressier to me.
  5. I love the Kelly
  6. I LOVE the kelly. It's so chic. When I saw it, I was really drawn to it. BUT (there has to be one of those), I am not a handheld bag person and like my hands free. So my vote goes with the flap. It really depends on your personal preference. HEY...why not get BOTH. He!He!
  7. Chanel med(In lambskin)or the reissue hehe!
  8. Still prefer flap bags....definitely will go for medium flap!!
  9. IMHO,
    A medium flap is definetly more 'timeless' than a Kelly :love:
    They are both beautiful but I'd choose a flap for sure :biggrin:
  10. IDK why but I'm not crazy about the handheld type design of the Kelly. I'm a flap gal. :yes:
  11. Flap all the way
  12. I like shoulder bags more than hand held bags. My first choice would be classic flap.
  13. I agree it depends. I personally like shoulder bags and would go for the flap. I do like the kelly, very classy and timeless, but if you like a shoulder bag it may be a waste.
  14. Ladies, thankx for the reply on this post. I'll stick to the flap :smile:

    thank you:dothewave:
  15. good choice.