Chanel medium flap in calfskin

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  1. Any reviews or thoughts on the Chanel medium leather/metallic chain classic flap from Spring Summer 2016?

    I'm eyeing the one in black as comments have been it's much lighter than the classic flap. I already have a classic flap in caviar (beige clair) so looking for another classic. I have two kids now so the lighter the bag the better since I'm usually carrying one Price is much lower than the original which helps!

    Any comments on whether the quality is good and if it'll last? If the quality isn't great and it's not something i can hold on to for years and years I'd rather stump up the additional euros for the classic in lamb skin instead. Thank you!
  2. Personally I would stick with the classic flap. That doesn't look like the classics, not sure what it is called. I prefer the leather and hardware chain strap intertwined like on the classic.
  3. Chanel stated that there was going to be s charcoal grey. Is this it???? Hum it is very light.
  4. No that's the silver. I've seen the charcoal and it's a dark gray. Now that I've seen the bag in real life in the shop I don't like the look of it on me
    - the chains are too thick and unwieldy. I actually liked the sheepskin flap with gold hardware instead fr the new season. Anyone has this bag and any comments? I've not seen sheepskin before, any idea how it holds up?
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467446484.081108.jpg
  6. I almost bought the silver. It's lovely, light, special and super comfy. I would definitely recommend it.
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