Chanel Medium Classic Flaps

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just wondering if the strap for the medium classic can be worn across the body just like a messenger style?

    Please help
  2. i meant if the strap is long enough to wear like a messenger
  3. Yup it sure does. I'm 5'7" and it works on me.
  4. Doesnt work for me...Im 5'9. Only the jumbo works like in fact, the jumbo is a tad too long.
  5. hmmm I'm 5'7" and it fits but it looks funny... I'm pretty slender too sz 0/2.... maybe they shortened the straps or something??

    P.S. "reference" pic of my size in my pictures!
  6. I think they shortened the straps for the new bags. I am 5'5 and I tried the messenger style with my new bag and it is a bit short. I'm ave build though, a 4, so perhaps I ate up some of the chain and hence shortened it.

    Pity really! Wearing it messenger-styley comes in useful at times.
  7. Hmm lemme go test mine out. I tried it once the other day and it seemed fine but maybe not....
  8. Okay nevermind. It's just a tad too short for messenger style :sad: Then the Jumbo is a bit too long. Sigh. I'm sorry.
  9. ^ doesn't work messenger style. I'm petite & the straps are too short. Maybe it's because mine is the newer version? But you might try the vintage ones.
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    anyone notice that the 09 caviar medium flap chain is slingly longer than the permanent classic flaps?

    side by side

    09 caviar medium flap in messenger style:P
  11. what do u mean by "permanent" flap? i thought the classic flaps are all the same no matter the yr~ is it just 09 different from the rest of the yrs??
  12. bonju9, Both is classic flaps... but 09 blue is seasonal color.
  13. yea, so shouldnt the size be the same every yr? y are the straps different
  14. It looks good on you in messenger style.
    I tried my 07 medium flap before, and it looked awkward in cross-body style even though I am not tall or big at all.

    I hope I can lengthen the strap a little bit by Chanel repair service so that I can wear mine in messenger style... (I think even 09 strap is not long enough for me)
  15. Sunbeamy,
    Both the strap of my current season M/L fuchsia and classic black( bought last yr) have the same length.

    It was too short when I tried to wear them messenger style.

    I am abt 5'2, size 6.