Chanel medium classic flap Beige Clair 26 series

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  1. Does anyone own or have recently purchased a Chanel medium classic flap in Beige Clair caviar with GHW 26 series? I've been searching for a beige clair and finally found and purchased one on fashionphile new condition and its a 26 series. The newest I've seen is only in 25 series and my SA told me they haven't been receiving any beige clair this year and last. Also are beige clair the same exact colors every year? When i received my bag it was darker that i expected. Same color as the beige black lambskin leather espadrilles. I've always thought beige clair was more of a pale beige color. Please help
  2. I also want to know. From what I’ve seen online, the beige clairs all look light and bright in lambskin but look darker in caviar. I want to get the same beige color as the espadrilles.
  3. I purchased a medium classic flap beige clair caviar 26 series and espadrille beige black this year. The beige on both are identical to me.
  4. How do you like your beige clair in caviar and how is it holding up? Any regrets? If you had to do it again, would you still pick caviar or lambskin.
  5. Hello I am also on the market for a beige Claire Chanel flap hopefully before price increase I rang a store who had one and send me this photo of it but looks so yellow toned not sure if it’s the lighting.
  6. I just bought mine today and I personally think it's not yellowish at all. It's a perfect shade for me. I attached a photo for reference.

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  7. Hi not op but i also got medium beige clair caviar early this past summer and I’m completely 100% happy with it. Definitely no regrets. I use it all the time and i’ve had zero issues with it.
    I dont baby my bags at all but just being mindful with them and even then I’ve still accidentally bumped it into rough walls or even the pavement one time, surprisingly it has zero scratches. Im personally hoping to get a few more CLs in the future and i would like to also have lambskin in my collection but I definitely prefer caviar.
  8. That looks really nice. They do look like the same color as the beige/black espadrilles.
  9. I love lambskin, just not sure if I will like it in a beige color since it’s so light. I can do black lambskin with no issues.
  10. Would you do black lambskin for day to day use?
  11. I think I’d like to wear my lambskin when I go out to lunch/dinner, cafe, friends... I wouldnt take it to the grocery store or to run errands just because it is very nice to touch and feel and I would appreciate the luxury feeling better in a more relaxed setting like on a date, hangout, away from kids. So if I was to go out like that every day, I’d probably wear it everyday. You can dress it up or down. I realized I loved lambskin after I got my first chanel in blk caviar ghw and kept wondering what was missing. i got it cuz it was what every SA says you should get so I was brainwashed. Then I realized that it was the material. I have long associated lambskin, that luxurious feeling with Chanel and that truly makes my heart sing. I no longer care about practicality. I want the ultimate Chanel experience. LOL.
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