Chanel medium caviar flap or caviar clutch?

  1. ladies,
    i just bought the medium caviar flap but now i'm wondering if i should have gotten the caviar cluth instead. both are very cute, but it seems like the clutch holds more, don't u think? plz let me know ur thought and also which one holds more...and which one to get?
    i'd love to get both btw, but my budget's only for one rite now :sad:
  2. Well......I'm not a big fan of clutches..I need 4 hands as it is let alone have one tied up carrying a clutch..I DO like them for evening attire..but not for day wear..The medium caviar flap is my next'm partial to keeping that..let us know what you decide!! Good luck!!
  3. I have both : the med/small flap and the timeless clutch. I actually think they're pretty much the same size except the clutch looks wider while the flap looks a bit taller in height. But it is a little annoying for me to always hold the clutch in my hand while I can just hang the flap on my shoulder. I prefer the flap and other than using it for evening occasions, you can also use it in the daytime while the clutch isn't as practical. Hope that helps!
  4. Medium flap is much more versatile. If I was going to choose just one, I'd choose medium flap.
  5. def. the flap....
  6. ^
    agreed with sea!
  7. The flap. Never underestimate the power of a shoulder strap. You can always get a clutch later, but the flap will be more versatile.
  8. I would pick the flap over the timeless clutch. Although personally I love the size of the jumbo. :yes:
  9. Definitely the flap.