chanel medium caviar classic flap

  1. Has anyone seen the caviar medium classic flap in black around?? I'm looking to purchase one--it this a hard bag to find/track down?? Also, does anyone know the price of this bag with the new price increase? i know the old price was $1995. Thanks!!
  2. I just purchased one at Bergdorf (called in and ordered over the phone) before the price increase. They had both gold and silver hardware. I think the price went up to $2495?? or $2395 ...not sure. .somethink outrageous though

    Good Luck!
  3. Try Saks Greenwich. Ask for Marjorie. They still have black with silver or gold hardware and it's still $1995.
    I think NM Atlanta may also be selling the bag you want for $1995. Ask for Dennis there. Hope you find the one you want!!!
  4. I dont think its really rare. Reon just bought one, you might wanna ask her.
  5. the new price is $2350 i believe. i see plenty of them around. i know the chanel boutique in beverly hills has them for sure. but try nm or Saks since they haven't increased the price yet.