Chanel Medium Bucket???

  1. Hello Members,

    Just thinking about purchasing the Medium chanel tote bag, it retails for 1295.00. Does anyone have one? whats your thoughts? Do you recommend this stye or something different???:P

    I really need some good advic from all you chanel lovers!!!
  2. I've never seen a Chanel bucket! Hope someone has a photo!
  3. Please post a pic...not sure what style you are referring to. Thanks!:shrugs:
  4. <--------------------- Is this what you're talking about? It's both the large and medium tote. I've read that they call it bucket as well.
  5. I think the OP might be talking about the cambon medium tote (price sounds about right and I refer to it as a bucket as well).

    Lisa - I think the md.bucket is a good size tote and I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a tote. I don't have one personally but from what I've tried on and seen, it is a shoulder bag
  6. Ohh!! I love the Cambon tote but I have the large size. Medium was a bit too small for me.
  7. I have the medium tote & love it. I am 5'0 so the size is perfect for me. I also prefer bags more vertically shaped. I love that it has a zippered top. I think the style of the bag makes it very versatile. I like that I can wear jeans or dress up and the bag still looks good. I think it's a bag you can definately get good use out of. If you prefer larger bags go for the large size. I can fit a large make-up bag, wallet, & Sidekick cell phone and still have room for a few other things in there.
  8. thanks! yes I believe it is called the medium tote or medium bucket. I am looking at the black color. I am sure still if i should do the bowler instead! I love both! thanks for all the advice. I am hoping to purchase on the no tax day..i will post pictures. If anyone has and other advice about the bags i truly would appreciate it!!! thanks again
  9. I have the large cambon tote and I love it although its been a while since I have taken it out of its sleeper. I have been using my luxury line bags and my re-issues.
  10. Do you mean this bag????? If, so I paid about the same price for mine. I didn't buy it on sale. I actually bought it at the store about a year and a half ago and I love this purse :heart:

  11. I have the pink's a great bag and actually holds a lot!
    Here's mine next to my reporter and large tote: