Chanel Medalion Tote owners, do you use a purseket or a similar (ro)

  1. organizer inside? What size do you use? I LOVE my tote, but sometimes it's hard to find things inside.

  2. Although I have a purseket, I only use it for my Speedy 30. I don't have a problem finding things in my bag at all.
  3. I don't have one but I have been thinking of getting a Chameleon insert. I don't have trouble finding anything in my tote but I wanted to get one for my other handbags.
    I find that my stuff doesn't fall all over the place in my tote unlike some of my other bags.
  4. No, since the Medallion Tote is relatively small, I don't see the need.

    Perhaps if you used brightly colored accessories, that would help you find things inside your tote, since its lined in black leather.
  5. Isn't the instead of the tote leather? I don't understand how you ladies carry keys or anything else that might scratch the interior!
  6. Yes, the interior leather is a bit prone to scratching--but you can't see it, and it smells divine!